The Well of Light offers inspiring, insightful and action-orientated programs that support the great evolutionary unfolding towards a world that is characterized by harmony and respect for all life, humanity and nature. We believe that true societal and global change will arise from inner transformation.


August 2017: Journey Horse – Maple Ridge BC

Shamanic Teacher – Michael Stone and Student of the Horse – Sandra Wallin invite you to journey with them and the Chiron’s Way herd, to meet with and awaken your inner shaman. Inside each of us is a power waiting to be heard, witnessed and embraced. This presence is your Inner Shaman, available to guide you even in the most difficult and challenging of times. Horses have an innate ability to bring us into our body and into the present moment, helping us to expand our awareness and journey from the head into the heart, inside which your Inner Shaman resides.


“Without a horse in my keeping I should feel I had lost contact with the earth.”

~ Beryl Markham

Journey Horse – Michael Stone Sandra Wallin from Sandra Wallin on Vimeo.

Embracing the WindHorse

The wind horse is an allegory for the human soul in the shamanistic tradition of East Asia and Central Asia. Listen to the The Journey Horse Webinar below for a introduction to the conversation on how to access the soul by cultivating presence and expanded awareness.

September 2017 –  Connections: Gibsons, BC


September 15-17, Chaster House
1549 Ocean Beach Esplanade, Gibsons, BC
Everything is connected, and alive. We’re all relatives! Let’s reclaim our place in the Web of Life!

In this Embodied Shamanism Workshop you will experience the power and practices of the world’s oldest spiritual healing tradition. Shamanism is a way of life that deeply connects us with nature and all of creation. Join us for an opportunity to move with life as we honor these sacred ceremonies and wisdom traditions. This special 2 and a half-day live, interactive workshop will be held at a beautiful beachfront location on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The basics of an Embodied Shamanism practice
  • How to Journey to the 3 worlds of non-ordinary reality
  • The Transformative power of words, language, & story
  • To receive guidance from power animals & spirit guides
  • To design ceremonies and rituals for growth & healing
  • The power and magic of doing divination journeys

Friday Evening Movement Celebration and Fire Ceremony $25

Saturday & Sunday Workshop $395
$350 by September 1st

Hours: Friday 7-10pm
Sat 10-5 & Sun 1 – 6pm

Workshop includes Friday Dance & Ceremony
and Sunday Morning Sweat Your Prayers 9am – 12 noon

For more information contact:

New Moon Call
“Honoring Our Ancestors”
with John Lockley and michael

Monday, August 21st, 2017
9am PDT / 12 noon EST

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“The work of every human being is to connect to their bones (ancestors) and honour their forebears for giving them the gift of life. Once this is done with an open heart and humility the spirit world opens like a flower resulting in a deeper connection to one’s life calling as well as the animal and plant worlds” ~ John Lockley

Join michael and John Lockley for this for this month’s New Moon call. In this conversation we will be discussing the power and importance of honoring our ancestors. Many of us in the West act as if we are not connected to our ancestors, but they live in our bones, blood and breath. Our lives are their gift. By tapping into ancestral wisdom we can discover our true power, receive, guidance and support from them, in fulfilling our personal potential and life’s purpose here on Earth. We hope you will join us for this very important interactive call with michael and John.

John Lockley is a senior sangoma in the Xhosa lineage from South Africa. He is also known as a traditional healer, diviner or spirit doctor. Sangomas are traditional African Shamans, who are called by the ancestors to apprentice under another sangoma to receive transmission or the gift of healing. John is founder of ‘the Way of the Leopard’ teachings; a unique teaching system to help people from non shamanic cultures to reconnect to their inner wilderness, bones (ancestors), dreams and the natural world. trained in both the mystical African arts of divination, herbal medicine and dreaming, as well as contemporary Psychology, Buddhism and Yoga. John trained with Zen Masters from the young age of 19 in South Korea; and, following his Sangoma calling, proceeded to train, apprentice and mentor with some of Southern Africa’s top Sangomas and traditional healers.

Michael Stone is the host and producer of The Shamanism Global Summit and KVMR’s Conversations , which interviews leading edge thinkers, authors and activists in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, and Spiritual fulfillment. Michael is the founder of Mastery of Management International (MMI) a global Organizational Development Consulting firm whose purpose is to “bring heart and meaning into the world of work”. Michael also leads classes, teleseminars and workshop on Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation and Spiritual Fulfillment. He teaches to tens of thousands online and is on the faculty of the Shift Network.

The Empowerment Summit

Itzhak Beery – Shamanism, USA
Michael Stone – 5Rhythms, Shamanism, Canada
Alessandra Capelli -Life Coaching, Italy

Thursday – Sunday, November 2nd – 5th, 2017
Il Cicalino, Maremma, Tuscany, Italy
Be the creator of your new reality!

Join three leading teachers of Ancient Shamanism, 5Rhythms Embodied Shamanism and Life Advancement Counseling in a rare 4 days seminar that offers you the opportunity to deconstruct your disempowering past based narrative and re-author a new story that is more spiritual, authentic, interconnected, empowering and soulful. The path of personal empowerment ~ according to ancient shamanic traditions ~ is through the gift of embodying the wisdom and spirit of the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and that of the Spirit that lives in all things. In this highly experiential and creative seminar we will be exploring the gifts and teachings of the elements through Shamanic elemental ceremony, movement, sound and shamanic journeying processes. This work will change the way you experience your life. It will give you the tools and inspiration to fully live authentically, and fully express your soul’s purpose into the world.

In this Empowerment Summit you will:

  • * Experience the Movement Medicine of the 5Rhythms
  • * Transcend Struggle through Shamanic Ceremonies with the 5 Elements
  • * Learn to deconstruct your old past based narrative and become the author of your life
  • * Experience your most authentic gift strengths and talents in action

For more info and registration contact:
Alessandra Capelli
Tel.+ 39 349 6137072