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Sundays 9:30AM - Noon

5Rhythms "Sweat Your Prayers"
South Yuba Club, Nevada City

Shamanic Drumming Circle
4th Wednesdays, 6:30p-8:30p

Courage To Love
Workshop June 20-22







SYP at the South Yuba Club, Sundays 9:30a to 12p

5Rhythms "Sweat Your Prayers"
Moving Meditation & Ecstatic Dance
Sundays, 9:30AM - Noon
South Yuba Club, 555 Searls Ave.,Nevada City, CA

for more information call 530.477.7757

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Monthly Shamanic Drumming Circle
4th Wednesdays starting February 26, 2014 - 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
$15/ suggested donation per session - No prior experience required
Grass Valley - Contact: 916.296.8232

or email to sign up
Advance signup requested by 8 p.m. Tues. prior
additional details provided with registration confirmation

A drumming circle provides a consistent, supportive, and experiential structure for the practice of shamanism and spiritual guidance. Discover and internalize the oldest human system of spiritual healing. Drum and dance to energize and heal. Share the power of Healing with Spiritual Light. Facilitators: MICHAEL STONE is a Shamanic Teacher, with four decades of leading spiritual and transformational programs, he uses his training in Shamanism as a tool to help people access deeper levels of healing, knowing and seeing.

Michael Stone is an Organizational Development Consultant, the Host of KVMR’s Conversations, Gestalt and Shamanic practitioner, and Moving Meditation Teacher. He has completed Shamanic Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman, and has been offering Transformational workshops for over four decades. Michael has also worked with numerous shamans from Ecuador and Peru. - 530.477.7757
J.P. TINDELL, M.S., Shamanic Practitioner for 18 years
Founder of Spirit Medicine Making: Teaching & Healing in the Tradition of Classic Shamanism., 916.296.8232,

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June 20-22, Grass Valley California
with Michael Stone & Dinny Evans

Shakespeare called love a "grave mental disease". Country music, TV dramas and our personal soap operas often corroborate that. Is it possible to truly love - without attachment, projection, and the neurotic need to change someone to conform to what you want for or from them? Is there a purity at the center of our hearts that can dissolve the illusion of separation and leave us just being loving awareness? Can we keep our hearts open to all people, regardless of their beliefs, customs and attitudes? Perhaps love is nothing more than the practice of dissolving our identity based sense of separation and expanding our depth of presence more deeply into the web of life?


The word courage is derived from an Old French word meaning "heart". We believe the reason it takes courage to truly love is that we need to have the strength to get out of the way, learn to listen from the heart rather than the head, and to hold a sense of who we are beyond our identity. Courage comes from caring deeply, from a place of wonder and not knowing. The reason we get strength when we are loved is that we feel seen when someone accepts us exactly the way we are and the way we aren't. Being seen frees up a lot of energy that we unconsciously and consciously use in our attempt to be seen, feel connected and find love.
Michael Stone has been leading transformational consciousness and self-empowerment workshops around the globe for over 30 years. He is trained in many different Gestalt and moving meditation modalities including 5Rhythms, Trance Dance and Soul Motion. He is also the host of KVMR radio's award winning talk show, Conversations.
Dinny Evans is a certified Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation Coach. She has been serving clients since 2007 using these skills along with Law of Attraction techniques to support manifestation, self-love, personal empowerment, fulfillment and overall well being. Dinny is committed to serving her clients through "radical" empowerment and self-love, which leads to healthy partnerships and connected communities.

Please join us for this exploration into the very light of love itself.
For more information contact Dinny at 530.414.1420 or Michael at 530.477.7757


By June 7 - $195
After June 7 -$225
Couples - $300


‘Thank you for providing me the space and gentleness to feel and be with my own grief in openness and acceptance. CS

“It was truly a heart opening experience - Such safe connection in community. A beautiful balance of inner work and sharing, with embodied in the movement.” LM

“I grew into another level from my heart into who I truly am. With loving awareness.” MD

The Courage to Love workshop was AMAZING beyond words! I could say it was phenomenal, awesome, extraordinary and that would be true. Still it falls short of describing the experience. The closest I can come in words is deeply profound and exquisite! The ground rules were so right and perfect. Because of the sacred, blessed, safe and supportive environment Dinny and Michael created and held, folks allowed themselves to go deep, deep into the wounds, the stories, the things that hold us back from our highest good. The group was perfect; everyone opened themselves to be sincerely and powerfully vulnerable, witness and receive strength, clarity, healing. Exquisite! For me there was the right and perfect balance of exercises, discussion and movement. I am SO grateful to have been included in this awe-inspiring journey. If you are ready to move beyond the hurt, the resista ce, and step onto the path to be in a place of broader acceptance, awareness, courage, receiving, letting go, healing, I HIGHLY recommend this workshop! RG

“It was great and it gave me something to hope and look forward to. Blessings to Michael and Dinny - you are beautiful people.” LLK

“The five steps to Radical Forgiveness was amazing. It really helped me experience the healing I needed to connect more deeply with my mother.” KH

“It was a wonderful experience.” CS

“I was touched by the coaching to allow spacious loving acceptance around previously unwelcome feelings.” TH

“You both are walking your talk and brought a wealth of wisdom as underpinning to what you shared.” EFH

“So much love and appreciation. Xoxoxoxoxoxox” CB

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