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“Becoming Your Own Oracle”
October 18th 9am PDT
with Lynn Andrews and michael

“I believe strongly that the most profound voice of wisdom and vision you will ever experience is the voice that comes from within you and speaks to you of what is real and true for you. “The Great Spirit is in all things, and all things are within the Great Spirit. And we are all part of the great oneness of life. We are all one single tribe, we are different clans, but one tribe.” ~ Lynn Andrews

You are invited to join us for this 90-minute exploration into your own inner wisdom. In this session we will discover how to tap into, interpret and trust this precious gift of direct revelation! So often we seek out “experts” to find the answers and solutions to life’s mysteries and challenges, when the most important answers lie within. Please join us for this month’s New Moon Global Call to Action with Lynn and michael, as we tap into the deep innate inner knowing that lives in the deepest recesses of our heart of hearts.

Lynn Andrews is the is the author of 20 books in 12 languages including the New York Times internationally best-selling Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents. She is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment. A shaman healer and mystic, Ms. Andrews is widely acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment.

Michael Stone is the host and producer of the Shift Network’s The Shamanism Global Summit and KVMR’s Conversations, which interviews leading edge thinkers, authors and activists in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, and Spiritual fulfillment. Michael is the founder of Mastery of Management International (MMI) a global Organizational Development Consulting firm whose purpose is to “bring heart and meaning into the world of work”. Michael also leads classes, teleseminars and workshops on Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation and Spiritual Fulfillment. Michael is the author of Living a Shamanic Way of Life. He teaches to thousands online and is on the faculty of the Shift Network.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, an access to unlimited potentiality!

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