Join us as we embark on this profound live experiential event, journeying deep into cellular wisdom,
shifting focus from the head to the heart, and flowing with the cycles and patterns of life itself.

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For the past 100,000 years Shamans around the world have gone directly to the heart of nature to tap into the power of the universe.

Our future depends on our learning how to reclaim this ancient power of direct revelation to meet the challenges of today!

We all want to live a life of peace, harmony and fulfillment. We want to make a difference with our lives, to be authentic and contribute to our family, community and the world.

But things seem so chaotic. We’re moving so fast we find ourselves running just to keep up with our basic necessities. We often feel lost, disconnected and out of balance with an uncertain future that looks bleak and foreboding.

The human race has become disconnected from nature and the web of life. Cut off from our mother and our relations in the non human world we suffer as environmental orphans cut off from our true source of power.

To live a shamanic way of life is to walk in beauty. To recognize that everyone and everything is sacred and holy. Not only in the visible, but in the invisible worlds.

When we recognize that we are not separate from nature we can reclaim our innate power and move from a cluttered head to a spacious heart. It is from this place we can see things rightly.

We have not fallen from grace. There’s no need for salvation. We only need to return to the garden which is our true source of nourishment.

In this special free event on living a Shamanic Way of Life we explore three key teachings from the heart of nature. These 3 core lessons will lead you to the miraculous life that’s been waiting for you. They are:

Journeying to access the Wisdom of our Ancient Cellular Memory. For the most part we have become a disembodied species relying primarily on our heads rather than our hearts. In this embodied exploration of our least used source of wisdom – our bodies – will reveal the evolutionary wisdom contained within these magnificent temples of perception.

Merging with the Web of Life. We have lost touch with the sacredness of the elements of which we are made and the lessons that each has to teach us. By merging with the elements we can access the specific teachings that support our Divine purpose and our natural path of service and self-expression.

Moving with the Cycles and Patterns of Life. Everything that exists has a beginning, middle and end. To not be aware of the natural cycles in life is to be removed from the real world. In this segment we will move into alignment with the motions and commotions of life and learn how to transform chaos into grounded clarity and appropriate action.


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Michael Stone is a visionary teacher, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, radio host and writer who supports people in living a miraculous life by guiding them in shape shifting processes that assist in the discovery of a new life narrative that transforms the past and creates a future of possibility, promise and inner peace. His work combines shamanism, coaching, gestalt and deep inquiry that allows people to discover their true purpose in life and
contribute their gifts, talents and strengths to the world.

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What People Are Saying…

Michael Stone has been a powerful force in the shamanic world for many years. His ability to open people up to the power of spiritual work through his radio show, classes and programs is absolutely remarkable. As a shamanic teacher, healer, and communicator Michael is brilliantly inspired. His work is filled with the love, light, compassion, and humor needed to leave everyone discovering new ways to feel and be empowered. Michael’s enthusiasm is truly contagious.

Sandra Ingerman, MA shamanic teacher and author of 10 books on shamanism.

Michael Stone is a long time environmentalist, teacher and shamanic practitioner. His shamanic teaching is inspiring, practical and down to earth.
He is an excellent teacher, who communicates from the heart and leaves you inspired to action.

John Perkins, Shamanic teacher, author of 9 books, co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance

In Michael’s decades of experience working with people in diverse transformational settings, he has developed a unique and inspiring approach of integrating coaching with shamanism. Combining ancient wisdom with contemporary and time-proven methods, he offers the experiences and insights, as well as the practical skills, which support us to be worthy guides — and embody a heart-centered life.

Llyn Roberts, MA, Award-winning Author of Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness

Michael Stone is a brilliant irreverent reverend in his teachings and his spiritual work, a sign of a true wisdom keeper and enlightened teacher. Michael’s inspired words flow into your heart creating a fertile ground for learning and acceptance.

Itzhak Beery, Shamanic teacher, author and publisher of