We are standing at the edge of an evolutionary precipice.

The choices we make matter.

Our planetary future depends on a shift in consciousness towards the recognition of our light, our love and our interconnectedness with all of life, the visible and the invisible!

Vision Statement:

We envision interconnected and interdependent communities in which all life is honored, respected and valued. We are grateful to the elements, the ancestors, the visible and invisible worlds and The Spirit that lives in all things as an access to the evolutionary possibility of a world that works for all life. We support people in going beyond their self-imposed limitations to have a miraculous life, regardless of the circumstances and situations they encounter. Our embodied coaching, teaching and shamanic initiation and enrichment programs, ceremonies and practices empower us to fully express our gifts, strengths and talents into the world.

Mission Statement:

The Well of Light offers inspiring, insightful and action-orientated programs that support the great
evolutionary unfolding towards a world that is characterized by harmony and respect for all life,
humanity and nature. We believe that true societal and global change will arise from inner transformation.